Eyes and Ears .

The eyes of a blind man holds many unseen secrets.

The ears of a deaf woman holds many unspoken secrets.

A blind man can tell you who your real friends are .

A deaf woman can tell you the difference be a truth in a lie.

A deaf man can see things for what they truly are.

A blind woman can feel pain before it comes her way.

what’s the difference between the two ?


what’s the difference between you and them ?


try looking through the eyes of the blind man , friends will disappear without a sound, and you’ll learn to leave before time come.

try listening through the ears of a deaf woman , watch the truth unravel before your eyes .

Monae J.


Published by: monaej

Just a Young American who has a story to tell , and feels free to tell . Wanting to give the hopeless , hope . Wanting to give the unwanted , warmth . Wanting to give the unlove , love .

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