Loveless .

I am unsure of I have went heartless, numb, or pearlized by all of the loveless relationships .

I could lose someone close , probably won’t shed a tear.

Its tattooed in my brain that nothing last forever.

How could you stay so long then turn around and leave ?

It never made since . I’ve gotten used to it.

Before getting emotional attached , I always remind myself that there will come a day when they leave, so prepare.

When was the last time I cried ?

I dont know .

I felt tears whaling up , but they didn’t fall.

I am sure that would felt nice.

That probably would have made me feel more human.

My emotions are more selfish , then selfless.

Could it be that I have went heartless ?

I’ve trusted so many people with it.

pieces of my heart are on the bottom of there shoe, under there finger nails, and in the trash pile.

Could I have went numb ?

Not reacting to things , as I should.

Can’t feel that heart break

I got shot in my heart and I couldn’t feel the bullet pierce

My soul drained from me , but yet to lose sight of my dreams .

Could I have went pearlized ?

I can’t get emotionally attached even if I tried.

I have been hung , thoug sliced, tongue chopped, kicked in the face, and felt none of it.

I see your mouth moving , but your words have no effect or power over me.

you wanna leave okay , I’ll cherish our memories.

Sexual and non sexual relationship come to a end.

No this isnt a me being bitter , I am something else , but bitter isnt the word.

my love was burned up and over cooked, and served for the dogs to eat.

what do you think those loveless relationships did ?



Published by: monaej

Just a Young American who has a story to tell , and feels free to tell . Wanting to give the hopeless , hope . Wanting to give the unwanted , warmth . Wanting to give the unlove , love .

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