They Say

Someone said it takes 21 days to get over something , I wonder if that’s true ?

3 weeks ?

 I dont know if I am trying right , but its been almost 3 months and I am still not over you .

I told myself I won’t contact you , eventually you’ll run yourself out of my mind .

But each time I call I am hoping you’ll tell me that you miss me , you know as much as I miss you .

Someone said that in order to get over one you have to get under another , I wonder if that’s true ?

Another ?

No matter how many I try to get under , I can’t get over you .

I told myself girl move on he isn’t thinking of you , the love y’all did have died .

I could try to find another , but your the only one I’ve found who’s ambition matches my ambition .

But I am sure you’ve gotten under and over many others , so I am sure your over me right now .

Some said the first impressions is the last impression , how could this be true ?

Well , my first impression of you is what has gotten me here .

I fell in love with your words , I fell in love with your actions .

Everything screamed you loved me , from beginning and through the middle.

Each chapter was a story for the history books , greatest love story ever lived .

Last chapter , is the worst of them all .

the last chapter seems as if it belongs in another whole other book .

Someone said its not about how a relationship start , but how it continuously show , could this be true ?

The way our relationship started is the same way our relationship went on from the first year to the last , it was the last weeks that changed everything .

Someone said . Someone said . He said . She said . Momma said. Daddy said . They said . They Said .

I say someone will always have something to say .

We all look at things differently .

Depending on who you talk to , they’ll say fight for your relationship or walk a way .

No one knows why your with that person , but you .

No one can tell you if you should continue to fight or walk away .

No relationship is perfect , never will there be a perfect relationship .

I guess that’s why we had to end ours , because it was to perfect .

They say a lot of things , most are just their personal opinions that just so happen to apply to other situations .

They say everyone one is entitled to their own options , and yes that’s true .

Monae Janae


Published by: monaej

Just a Young American who has a story to tell , and feels free to tell . Wanting to give the hopeless , hope . Wanting to give the unwanted , warmth . Wanting to give the unlove , love .

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