The steps ?

It feels like every step I take something is draging me back .

I keep telling myself keep the faith .

Its like I all I am doing is fight just to survive .

Its like I am fighting to struggle .

Fighting to lose .

Is this we are here for ? You know those of us who weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths .

Hit rock bottom so many times, this rock is starting to get comfortable .

Walking down a dark aile , when will the morning come ?

Will the sunlight ever start to shine ?

Always get that feeling as if, I am starting to win , but then I notice I am still losing .

I can’t be the only one with this type of pain . The type of pain you feel when pills are the only thing to ease the pain .

Back aching from carrying a heavy load of hurt .

It feels like every punch I swing that these demons , they manage to blindside me and take me down .

They say prayer works , but I haven’t seen a change .

I really do wonder , will I ever get ahead .

Monae Janae


Published by: monaej

Just a Young American who has a story to tell , and feels free to tell . Wanting to give the hopeless , hope . Wanting to give the unwanted , warmth . Wanting to give the unlove , love .

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