Crazy isn’t the worst thing I’ve been called .

Lately, crazy is what they are calling me .

I am not crazy , just simply misunderstood.

Am I crazy for looking at life through a different eye, and accepting things the way they are.

I’d prefer to look at the glass half full , then the glass half empty .

Acknowledging the positives before the negatives .

They say i am crazy , because of my choices , but they don’t know me .

I am crazy because , I don’t want to fit in with society.

Crazy because I hold no regrets on my life .

Crazy because my hobbies are different listening to music , writing poetry , and dancing .

They call me crazy because when I love , I love hard .

Crazy, because I loved men who couldn’t be honest just to save their earthly material possessions.

Crazy, because I’d prefer to fight for my relationship before calling it quits .

They call me crazy for being realistic

They call me crazy for knowing that things are temporary and not permanent

They call me crazy, because my solitude is what I like

They call me crazy for living my life with standards and not by the books .

I am just little girl from the ‘Hood,’ who has had my ways at life .

At times I felt like a penny with a hole in it , hopeless.

At times I felt like a hundred dollars , valuable .

So if all of that makes me crazy .

Hi , nice to met you my name is CRAZY .

Monae Janae


Published by: monaej

Just a Young American who has a story to tell , and feels free to tell . Wanting to give the hopeless , hope . Wanting to give the unwanted , warmth . Wanting to give the unlove , love .

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